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LawSchoolJoint College/Law School Programs Becoming More Popular

Six-year legal academic programs (three years each of college and law school) shaving time and tuition can’t be described as a new idea. After all, it’s been 20 years since Pace University introduced a program integrating college and law-school studies. Although dozens of these accelerated programs are available, however, they have not been widely noticed or utilized. But with increasing concerns about the price of a legal education, interest in the shorter “3+3” law degree programs appears to be growing.

Students like the flexibility — which allows them to complete a standard four-year college degree if they change their minds about pursuing a law degree. And law schools appreciate the marketing opportunity — a chance to recruit accomplished, motivated students early on in the school-selection process.

Source: National Law Journal | These Students are on the Six-Year Plan

Legal Marketing Tips

You’ve heard this advice before: An effective legal marketing strategy must reach the people who are in a position to hire you. Also, your promotions must succeed at differentiating you from all the competitors out there.

But this is worth remembering: The most successful legal marketing program is one that gets implemented — consistently and over a sustained period of time. Easier said than done, right? Of course — which is why you need to “stack the deck” in your favor, by focusing on just those few marketing activities you do really well. The 50 tips offered here provide useful ideas to jump-start your new marketing effort. Narrow these choices — then focus on execution.

Source: ABA Journal | 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice

ABA Focus On Cybersecurity

At the American Bar Association’s recent annual meeting (held this year in San Francisco), its House of Delegates met to consider issues regarding computer security and the protection of clients’ digital data. The resulting resolution called upon government bodies to enact stronger laws to protect law firms from cyber attacks and other unauthorized access to confidential data. A step in the right direction…

Source: Corporate Counsel | ABA Calls for Stronger Cybersecurity Safeguards

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