Resetting Normal in the Legal Industry

Prior to the surge of the pandemic in the US, we highlighted the 7 Steps to Create Positive Work Environments for Attorneys. Now, looking at the current COVID-climate, as well as looking to the future of work, those suggestions will be even more critical as organizations look to retain top talent post-pandemic. 

In an effort to determine what shifts in mindset have occurred in the American workforce during this challenging time, the Adecco Group surveyed 1,000 office workers in the US to see how employers need to pivot as we work to reset our definition of normal. 

Our research found that going forward, it will be imperative for leaders to focus on empathy, taking a supportive attitude with their employees, and creating a culture where work/life balance is valued. 

While empathy and work/life balance are not typically synonymous with the legal industry, this pandemic has caused a shift in how we work, as well as how employees view the workplace. In order to succeed in this new future of work, companies will need to reevaluate their business operations in order to “reset normal” and create a new future of work. Click here to download the full research report

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