Managing a Legal Search? There’s An App (Or Two) For That

SCI AppsWhether you are seeking a candidate or looking for that next job, mobile technology offers wealth of tools to make your search more productive. (So many tools, in fact, that the biggest challenge often is sifting through them all to find those best-suited to your needs.)

Our goal is to present a handful of high-value “starter” apps that will serve a number of needs — in both Mac IOS and Android platforms. So let’s begin by looking at some of the general choices that have widespread applicability. Later, you may well want to investigate related offerings for a particular niche or platform.

Interview Preparation Apps:

If you’re asking the questions:

Interview Assistant Pro HD: Highly rated iPad app to help you keep track of applicants and interviews. (Especially useful for informal, “coffee shop” meetings or other interview situations outside of your office.)

If you’re answering the questions:

101 HR Interview Questions: Although some reviewers of this Android app voiced criticism about grammatical errors and interface design, the vast majority found it extremely useful as an aid to interview preparation.

Interview Questions Pro: Drill yourself on these questions (or, better yet — have a friend conduct a mock interview.) Your competence will grow — and your confidence is likely to follow. (For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.)

Resume Preparation Apps

Pocket Resume: This app allows you to create an attractive resume and cover letter — and then email those documents from your Apple device. (For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) Note: This app also is available for Android, but please see the paragraph below.

Resume Builder Pro: Although “Pocket Resume” (mentioned above for Apple IOS) also is available for Android, many online reviews suggested “Resume Builder Pro” as a more desirable solution for the Android platform. Among its many strengths, RBP allows you to generate a Microsoft Word (DOCX) compatible resume that can be stored in the cloud and adapted for new opportunities.

Job Board Apps

Job boards are a natural reference point for job-seekers and recruiters alike — and apps like these provide convenient ways to access listings and sort them to meet your needs. The two applications listed below are especially useful to Special Counsel readers, as this site’s jobs are included among those job boards’ listings: (App available here for iPhone, iPad and Android) (App available here for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android)

A Dynamic Market for Apps

Caveat Emptor: The list of apps presented above is only a sample of what’s available in the marketplace. As you’ve noticed, some apps are not yet available for every device, platform or operating system. (Welcome to the dynamic world of app-development!) In any case, we hope you found a few apps here to make your search workflow more enjoyable and more productive.

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