Legal Industry Roundup: 12/16-12/20

SCI-blog-friday-roundup-imageCompliance Tips For Holiday Gifts

When it comes to giving and receiving holiday gifts, what are your company’s rules? (Most Fortune 500 firms have gift policies available for public viewing.) And what about your clients’ rules? (Can they accept that $100 Cabernet you personally selected and sent?) To learn more about compliance issues related to gifting, read this post from the lawyers at McConnell Sovany.

Source: Corporate Counsel | 3 Rules for Compliant Corporate Gift-Giving

Holiday Cheer: Lawyer Gives Kidney To Colleague

North Carolina lawyer Carrie Vickery’s husband was born with only one kidney. Just in case he might one day need a transplant, Vickery wanted to know if her kidneys would be an acceptable match. Although Vickery proved to be incompatible as a donor to her husband, she had become aware of a legal colleague who needed exactly what Vickery had to offer. Read more about the generous holiday gift from this big-hearted lawyer.

Source: ABA Journal | Kidney from Colleague…

Quebec Court Protects Reference Letter Right

When a Canadian school discontinued its Italian language course, teacher Sylvia Mauri was out of a job. Mauri had been considered a good employee — and she sought a letter of reference. When her boss refused to write the letter — and would not state the reason for his denial — Mauri sued, seeking to protect her reputation. The Quebec Court of Appeals awarded the former teacher $5,000 in damages.

Source: Corporate Counsel | Writing a Reference Letter Isn’t Optional

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