Legal Industry Roundup: 1/13-1/17

SCI-blog-friday-roundup-imageYour Law Practice Goals For The New Year?

Did you begin the new year without taking time to set 2014 goals for your law practice? You’re not alone — and it certainly is not too late to accomplish this important task.

Attorney Sam Glover offers a few suggestions to get you started. Among them: 1) Stop taking bad clients; 2) Set daily revenue targets; and, 3) Go paperless. Check out his [“Lawyerist” blog(–2014/) for details.

Source: Lawyerist Blog| Set Goals for Your Law Practice for 2014

New: Social Media Law Guide

As social media diversifies and becomes increasingly prevalent in commercial and personal interactions, the relevant legal issues are something of a “moving target.” A newly published title, Social Media Law, could be a useful addition to your library. From ALM’s Law Journal Press.

Source: ALM | ALM’s Law Journal Press Publishes Comprehensive Guide…

Legal Market Report Urges Firms To Consider Needs Of Clients and Employees

“Law firms need to think more carefully and systematically about what is necessary to build sustainable organizations over the long term,” said Georgetown Law Professor Mitt Regan, co-director of the Center for the Study of the Legal Profession.

The Center’s 2014 “Report on the State of the Legal Market” (PDF available here) found that few of the firms studied have achieved “meaningful change” in adapting to market demands for innovations in service delivery, pricing and law firm organizational models. The report was produced in conjunction with Peer Monitor, a Thompson Reuters benchmarking program.

Source: Corporate Counsel| How GCs Are Shaking Up the Legal Landscape

At A Glance: BigLaw Demographics

Larry Bodine’s “LawMarketing Blog” posted an infographic showing the demographics of today’s largest law firms. These graphics don’t provide much detail (that’s not their purpose) but they could serve to spark important discussions among those who manage large law firms — or work there.

Source: LawMarketing Blog | Demographics of Today’s Largest Law Firms


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