Legal Industry Roundup – 11/18-11/22

SCI-blog-friday-roundup-image“Lawdingo” Site Connects Prospective Clients & Legal Talent

Online matchmaking has long been an accepted tool for single people seeking prospective romantic partners. Now, people with unmet legal needs can try a similar approach. “Lawdingo” is a referral website where prospective clients complete an online “portfolio” — and are matched with local lawyers with relevant expertise. (Attorneys pay a monthly subscription fee.)

According to the ABA Journal, Lawdingo recently raised $690,000 from investors — and has lawyers participating in all fifty states. What’s more, Lawdingo’s brand is attention-getting and consumer-friendly — as is seen in the company’s tongue-in-cheek YouTube advertisement.

Source: Law Technology News | Legal Referrals Head Online

Got A First-Rate Law Department? Enter The Contest.

In preparation for the magazine’s annual “Best Legal Departments” issue, editors at Corporate Counsel are inviting submissions from in-house law departments that consider themselves worthy of recognition. Companies of all sizes are eligible — including colleges, universities and nonprofits. (Note: Departments that previously won this award are exempt for five years, and lawyers working in government agencies may not apply.) If you believe your department has “the right stuff,” why not fill out this survey to get the application process started? Deadline for submissions is December 20, 2013.

Source: Corporate Counsel | Best Legal Departments 2014: Call for Nominations

What Makes SC Justice Kagan An Effective Communicator?

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has earned a reputation for speaking plainly and clearly about complex legal matters — a capability that the Judge says she actively cultivates. Widener University law professor (and former English teacher) Laura K. Ray analyzed Justice Kagan’s Supreme Court opinions — in an effort to learn how the Judge connects so effectively with listeners. What the professor uncovered was a rich variety of metaphors and other classical rhetorical devices — mixed with a folksy diction and references to sports and pop culture. (Make no mistake: Justice Kagan makes a disciplined effort to achieve a style that appears effortless — yet carefully promotes clear understanding. A lesson for all legal professionals who strive for more effective communication…)

If you’re interested in Prof. Ray’s analysis of Justice Kagan’s “judicial voice,” here’s where you can find the complete research paper in the Indiana Law Journal Supplement.

Source: WSJ Law Blog | The ‘Remarkably Conversational’ Style of Elena Kagan

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