Legal Industry Roundup: 11/11-11/15

SCI-blog-friday-roundup-imageGlobal Colleagues & Clients? You Need Video Chat

As the practice of law becomes increasingly global, so does the need for effective international communications tools. Many lawyers have filled this need through video chat — finding it to be a secure, cost-effective channel for keeping in touch with clients and colleagues abroad. If you’re among the legal professionals who is just a little intimidated by these ever-changing telecommunications options, here’s a primer for some of the most popular video chat technologies.

Source: Law Technology News | Face to Face: Free Video Chat Options

“Price and Responsiveness” Make Smaller Firms Attractive To GCs. (Is Blogging Another Key Factor?)

The “belt-tightening” for legal services spending continues in major corporate law departments. As these companies continue to seek greater value from outside firms, their General Counsel are increasingly willing to consider “non-pedigree” (outside the AmLaw 20) law firms. That’s the implication of a recent Harvard Business Review story based on a recent AdvanceLaw survey. “Price and responsiveness” were listed as the factors prompting a GC’s move to the smaller firms. Might blogging be another important differentiator?

Source: Real Lawyers Have Blogs | Blogging More Important As General Counsel Move From Pedigree Law Frms

Unintended Legal Violations In HR Departments?

Is the HR Department at your firm (or a client’s company):

  • Entering into overly broad non-compete agreements?
  • Operating without a social media policy?
  • Using unpaid interns?

If so, that department’s activities may be putting the organization at risk for violation of employment laws. For a list of ten such ways that companies inadvertently may be exposing themselves to employment lawsuits, read this post on JD Supra.

Source: JD Supra | 10 Ways HR Departments Violate the Law…

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