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ScalesOut of the Firm and Into the Fire? The Tradeoffs of Going In-House

Let’s begin with this: The FindLaw survey of in-house lawyers is anecdotal, not statistically verified. (FindLaw is the first to admit it.) But the “non-scientific” nature of this research doesn’t invalidate the points raised here. If you’ve been sacrificing your life on the “billable hours altar” of a law firm, those cushy in-house legal jobs may seem like a pretty attractive option. (And, to be sure, working in a corporation’s legal department certainly does have its advantages.) Before plunging headlong into a search for that in-house job, however, you might want to take a look at this two-part blogpost. Just to be sure you’re going into this with both eyes open.

Source: FindLaw | Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went In-House

Mandatory On-the-Job Training for Law School Grads?

When compared with other professions (medicine, architecture and dentistry, for example) the legal field requires new graduates to have very little “hands-on” experience. The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) wants to change that — and this group of legal educators has asked that ABA-accredited law schools require a measure of practical training. How large a measure? CLEA recommends 15 credit hours of coursework in legal clinics, practicums and other areas, allowing students to pick up more of the direct experience it seeks to promote.

Source: National Law Journal | ABA Pressed to Boost Law Students’ Practical Training

Storing Data in the Cloud? Consider These eDiscovery Issues

Corporations are increasingly likely to find that cloud storage provides convenient and cost-effective solutions for data management. But what’s good for the I.T. Department isn’t always good for the Legal Department — especially when it comes to eDiscovery. Sooner or later, the legal issues surrounding email and documents stored “in the cloud” are likely to require your attention.  Why not start thinking about them now? Here are four important cloud-storage issues that you’ll want to consider.

Source: Corporate Counsel | 4 Key Issues in Cloud Storage

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