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Survey Shows Increased Revenues For Large Firms

2013 marked the 41st annual Survey of Law Firm Economics, a joint project of The National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence. This year’s research showed 2012 to be a profitable year for large (more than 150 lawyers) firms, where revenue per lawyer (RPL) rose by 8.5 percent. For small firms (with fewer than nine attorneys) however, RPL figures declined by 8.1 percent. Survey highlights are available here.

Source: National Law Journal | Revenues Up at Larger Law Firms

Free Mobile App Provides Online Privacy

Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA), government entities can access your emails (older than 180 days) with just a subpoena. Concerned about protecting online privacy — and convinced that the ECPA is out-of-step with today’s communications environment — Susan McGregor was prompted to seek a mobile solution.

McGregor, an Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School, and colleagues created “Dispatch” — a mobile phone app that facilitates authenticated, encrypted emails between collaborating participants. (Although your sent message can remain indefinitely on your smartphone, that note will disappear from your email provider’s server upon being opened by the recipient. And no one can subpoena something that isn’t there.) 

If you want a free copy of the software, type “Dispatch Reporter” in the app stores for Apple or Google.

Source: | Free Software Assures Electronic Privacy

Maine Lawyer “Stable” After Mauling By Polar Bear

Think you had a bad day? Think about Matthew Dyer, a Maine attorney from the firm of Pine Tree Legal Services. Dyer was on holiday in Northern Labrador when a polar bear dragged him from a tent and mauled him, until the bear was driven off by companions’ flare guns. Dyer’s wife reports that her husband’s condition has stabilized at a Montreal hospital and that he “hasn’t lost his sense of humor.”

Source: AP/ABC News | Maine Lawyer Recovering From Polar Bear Mauling

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