How to Get the Most Out of Working With a Legal Recruiter

Business TeamAt Special Counsel our experience has taught us that we do our best work if candidates practice the following suggestions:

1. Tell Us What You Want
When first meeting with our search and placement directors, be certain to clearly describe the ideal position you are searching for. This includes advising us of particular employers in whom you have an interest. When we have a clear understanding of your goals, we can expeditiously provide you with the right career options. If you are unsure of what you want, let us know, as we have other resources to help you.

2. Advise Us Of Your Own Search Efforts
In order that we do not contact employers whom you have already approached, remember to inform our search and placement directors which employers and, if possible, which particular persons at each employer you have spoken with about a potential job opportunity. We don’t want to make the mistake of contacting a person you have already contacted.

3. Provide Us with References, Writing Samples, Transcripts and Addendums
Please provide us with a list of references, a writing sample(s), certified transcripts and practice specific addendums to your resume at the start of our working together. That way, when an employer requests these materials from us (a common occurrence), we can respond immediately without having to contact you again.

4. Be Accessible
We strongly recommend that you return our calls within an hour. Opportunities can be lost if we can’t connect with you in a timely fashion.

5. When Scheduling Interviews, Be Accommodating
If an employer is interested in interviewing you, do all you can to accommodate the employer’s preferred interview times. Flexibility sends a positive message.

6. Debrief Us Immediately After Each Interview
After interviewing with an employer, please call us immediately and give us your feedback on how the interview went. After each interview, the employer is waiting to hear from us and wants to know from us what you thought. If the employer has questions or concerns about your candidacy, this gives us an excellent opportunity to address any potential problems.

7. Be Open
The “ideal job” doesn’t always look so at first blush. If we contact you for an interview, seriously consider it. We have found that once presented with impressive candidates, employers are often willing to amend a job description in order to make a good hire!

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