Gift Ideas for Lawyers

gift-ideas-for-lawyers‘Tis the season to find holiday gifts for the legal professionals on your list. In hopes of saving you steps (and time) in the days ahead, we put together a handful of recommendations ranging in price from $4.00-to-$400.

The Elements of Eloquence

Just released from English wordsmith Mark Forsyth, this little book is getting rave reviews from lawyers, speakers and writers around the world. If there’s someone on your list who truly fancies language and speech, The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase will be just the thing.

“Terminology” Dictionary App for iPhone/iPad

Words matter to legal professionals — and the new “Terminology” app is a versatile and well-designed IOS browser application for researching words. Highly customizable (including the ability to add legal dictionaries) to meet the needs of the most fussy wordsmith.“Terminology” Dictionary App for iPhone/iPad

The Incomparable Palomino “Blackwing” Pencils

Pencils? For a holiday gift? B-o-r-i-n-g, right? Wrong. Read a few of the reviews from professionals who push a pencil all day long. Blackwing Pencils — available in several styles and lead-hardness variations — truly are one of those rare gifts that “keeps on giving.” Palomino “Blackwing” Pencils

ScanSnap Scanner

If you’re prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift, consider the wireless scanner that legal professionals are excited about: The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 — for both PCs and Macs. (Help a lawyer go paperless; you’ll be remembered fondly for years to come.)

Source: PaperlessChase | What’s the Best Scanner for a Law Office?

Typography for Lawyers

Mentioned in The Column’s recent blogpost, Typography for Lawyers is a gift that can help your grateful recipient step into 2014 with stylish documents that capture the attention of clients and judges alike..

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