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Sequestration Will Close Courthouses and Hinder Access to Justice, Legal Leaders Warn

Leaders of several national legal associations warned that federal budget cuts could limit courtroom access — imposing costly delays on businesses and individuals.  In a joint statement released by the ABA, these officials also expressed concerns on how courtroom security cuts could imperil the safety of judges, staffs and petitioners.

Nonprofit “Teaching Hospitals” Among the Innovations for Recent Law School Grads

When degrees are awarded this spring, law school graduates of ArizonaStateUniversity will find themselves with a new option: clinical training based on the “teaching hospital” model for physicians. Similar nonprofit models are being considered elsewhere in the U.S. — as debt-burdened grads face uncertain job markets, and legal services remain unaffordable to increasing numbers of Americans.

Mid-Size Firms Preserve Culture Through Organic Growth & Careful Recruitment of Laterals, Study Shows

Mid-size law firms consider their company culture a crucial asset in recruiting lateral hires — and a reason to be wary of mergers with larger firms. The findings came from a recent survey by TAGLaw and the Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown University Law Center.

Nonprofit Watchdog Group Reports Half of Law Schools Providing Flawed Data on Graduate Employment and Scholarships

Law School Transparency (LST) is a nonprofit group established to monitor school compliance with ABA reporting standards. That organization’s analysis showed widespread discrepancies among the reporting of ABA-accredited schools.  (The LST site offers user-friendly tools to analyze job outcome data, admission statistics and projected law school costs — for individual schools, states, regions and the nation.)

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