Around the Legal Industry: 7/15 – 7/19

ScalesLaw Grads and Student Debt: Bankruptcy is Not an Easy Option

Student loan debt has proven difficult to escape by way of bankruptcy, despite the tough legal job market. Two judges in the past month have ruled against law school graduates seeking to discharge student loan debt.

Source: | Judges Refuse to Let Law Grads Discharge Student Debt

Law Firms and Innovation

Law firms are not the first type of business you’d readily associate with innovation and entrepreneurship, yet many firms are using the “We’re entrepreneurial” sales pitch of late. Adrian Dayton, an attorney and expert on social media for lawyers, asserts that true entrepreneurs apply the “build, measure, learn” process to innovate in areas such as pricing, project management strategy, blogging and staffing.

Source: The National Law Journal | Entrepreneurial? Better Prove It

 Lesson Learned: Don’t Brush Up on the Client’s Dime

A judge has ordered a Manhattan lawyer to return the majority of the fee he charged two clients, after determining that up to $450 hourly had been billed for time spent “brushing up” on basic legal principles. Lesson learned – if you need a refresher course, be sure do it on your own dime!

Source: New York Law Journal | Lawyer Ordered to Return Fee Charged for Brushing Up on Basics

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