Around the Legal Industry: 6/24 – 6/28

ScalesLegal Pros Inconsistent in Mobile Device Usage and Security

Legal professionals — like other business people — are adopting mobile computing devices into their daily workflows. And why not? Given the “always on” flexibility and the widespread technological advances that facilitate working remotely, mobile devices make eminent sense. What doesn’t make sense, however, is that many legal departments are inconsistent (or downright irresponsible) when it comes to security measures for devices and data. Check out Corporate Counsel’s “2013 In-House Tech Survey” to get a sense of how your department’s mobile device policies compare with those in other companies. (Here’s one worrisome preview: “Nearly a quarter of respondents—23 percent—said that their legal department had no formal security policy at all for mobile devices.”)

Source: Hildebrandt Institute | Mobile Device Security, Utilization Low Despite Widespread Use

JD+MBA: Does Adding A Degree Make Sense For You?

Maybe you just can’t get enough of cramming for exams and pulling “all-nighters” to complete those end-of-term papers. Or perhaps you want that extra edge to distinguish yourself in the employment workplace. Then again, it might be that you just love to keep learning. Whatever your motivation, you may be a good candidate for adding a Masters in Business Administration degree to your JD. Not surprisingly, those who endure the rigors of an MBA program exit with a greatly enhanced understanding of the business world. The result: They find that they’re better lawyers. 

Source: FindLaw In House | One Degree Just Not Enough?

Experience-Based Legal Education: No Ticket to a Legal Job

Heeding the widespread call for law school grads with practical, professional experience, Washington & Lee’s School of Law actively pursued that course. As a result, W&L created an experiential third-year program that has been hailed as “innovative” by academics and industry professionals alike. Unfortunately, the school’s pioneering curriculum has not brought favorable results in terms of employment outcomes.  Despite W&L’s favorable rankings (26th) by U.S. News, it is rated far lower (119th) on employment metrics when compared to other ABA-accredited schools.

In the analysis by Deborah Jones Merritt in TaxProf Blog, “Experiential education can work pedagogic magic and prepare better lawyers, but it’s not a silver bullet for employment woes or heavy debt. On those two issues, we need to push much harder for remedies.”

Source: TaxProf Blog | Merritt: W&L’s Dismal Placement Results


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