Around the Legal Industry: 5/6 – 5/10


2-Year Law Degree Now Available In NYC Metro Area

In 2014 Brooklyn Law will begin offering an optional two-year law degree.  In what is advertised as an “intense” study program, students will immerse themselves in the law for a solid 24 months — with no winter or summer breaks. Tuition will be the same as that for traditional three-year degrees.

Source: The National Law Journal | Brooklyn Law Offers J.D. in an ‘Intense’ Two Years

Recent Job Growth Brings Legal Sector Employment to 1.13 Million

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 2,100 legal-sector jobs were added to the nation’s economy in April. This uptick comes on the heels of legal job growth in March — initially reported as 2,000, but revised by the BLS upward to 3,500. With these latest increases, the number of people working in America’s legal profession climbed to 1.13 million — the highest it’s been since 2007.

Source: The AmLaw Daily | Legal Sector’s April Flowers: 2,100 New Jobs

Not All Bar Exams Are Created Equal. So Which States Have Toughest Tests?

If you think that “a bar exam is a bar exam” regardless of where it’s taken, you might want to think again. “It turns out that the choice of state makes a big difference,” wrote Pepperdine Law Professor Robert Anderson.

What states have the most difficult bar exam? California’s test is the hardest, followed by Arkansas and Washington. (Complete ranking of state bar exam difficulty is available here.)

Source: Witnesseth Blog | The Most Difficult Bar Exams

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