Around the Legal Industry: 5/27 – 5/31


One Way to Do It…50 Years at the Same Firm

Fifty years is a pretty impressive run in any career. But Kansas lawyer Bill Oliver did it all at the same firm: Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace & Bauer.  Now 75, Mr. Oliver will take some time off to enjoy the party and open house being held in his honor. Then it’s back to work again, continuing his practice in aviation law and product liability.

Source: ABA Journal | Lawyer celebrates 50 years at same law firm…

22-Year-Old Harvard Law Grad Heads For Third Degree

Next time one of your hot-shot legal colleagues is getting just a little too cocky about his/her accomplishments, you might casually mention the name Cortlan Wickliff. This extraordinary young man showed promise right from the start — skipping 1st grade, 11th grade and 12th grade, starting college at 15 and Harvard Law at 19.

Having already earned a degree in bioengineering, Wickliff is a man with a plan. In the days ahead he’s about to pick up his law degree — making him one of the youngest African-Americans ever to graduate from Harvard Law. Next, he’ll study for the bar exam. Then this fall he will begin studies for his third degree — a Ph.D at Texas A&M.  Once his formal education is complete, this young man will put it all to good use. He plans to start a medical device company.

Source: Boston Globe | Harvard Law student graduates at 22

Burnout on Your Horizon? You Need A Plan.

It’s nice to know that you’re needed at work. And when you put in those extra hours to help out with an emergency project, you can win the appreciation of colleagues and clients alike.  But what happens when your “emergency hours” schedule has become “the new normal”?  It could mean that you’re headed for burnout.

I may seem that the solution is simple: Just stop working so much! However, re-setting your work schedule isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Author and time coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders offers these five steps to help you take control of your time. You can also learn more at her website.

Source: HBR Blog Network | Stop Work Overload By Setting These Boundaries

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