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ScalesPodcast on Lawyering 2.0 and the Changing World of Legal Services
Like most law firms, Fenwick & West is paying close attention to the changing dynamics in its relationships with clients. In this podcast from Legal Current, Fenwick’s Managing Partner Kate Fritz describes how her firm is adapting its billing structures and shifting to a more customer-focused business model.

Source: Thomson Reuters Legal Current | Lawyering 2.0

For Jobs in Public Interest and Government, Placement Rates are Highest in These Law Schools
Those who work in the governmental and nonprofit sectors typically report a rather different work experience from that of their counterparts in private-sector law (both law firms and corporations). Freed from “the tyranny of the billable hour” and the need to please demanding clients, legal professionals outside of the private sector often cite less stress and a better balance between work and personal lives. Needless to say, however, there are tradeoffs to consider — not least of which are the financial implications. Different strokes for different folks…

From The National Law Journal, here’s a list of 20 law schools with the highest percentage of graduates going into nonprofits and public-sector employment.

Source: National Law Journal | Law Schools with the Highest Placement Rate

Assessing Your Career Motivations: Is Your Focus on Promotion … or Prevention?
After decades of vocational advice centered around the “do what you love” philosophy, some career advisors are promoting a different approach. Their suggestion? Build your career around your skills and values — not what you think might make you happy. Author Heidi Grant Halvorson (co-author of the newly released book, Focus) proposes that humans generally are motivated by two overarching forces.

“Promotion” is a drive to take risks, to generate options, to innovate and to seize opportunity. “Prevention” is an instinct favoring analysis, detail-orientation, planning, accuracy and reliability. Although everyone possesses both traits, Halvorson claims that most people favor one of these modalities. Something worth considering as you plot your career choices? (If you’d like to sample the authors’ free online assessment tool, you can find it here.)

Source: HBR Blog Network | The Key to Choosing the Right Career

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