Around the Legal Industry: 3/18 – 3/22


“March Madness” For Law School Rankings

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. But the annual law school ratings always come out around the time when “March Madness” sets in for college basketball. Hmm…

In any case, U.S. News generated attention with the release of its eagerly awaited law school ranking issue. (Note: This was the first time that employment rates were factors in that magazine’s analysis.) But it’s not just U.S. News that’s been examining law school trends and statistics. Forbes, for example, has published stats on which law school’s graduates earn the highest salaries. Also, The National Law Journal recently produced a report examining hiring trends and showing the laws schools most likely to land graduates in the major law firms. (For details and statistics, read on…)

Source: Hildebrandt Institute | (“Monday Clicks”) Law School Rankings, Reaction

Targeting Gender Gap In Law Firm Salaries, American Bar Association Issues Toolkit For Change

The ABA’s Gender Equality Task Force (formed in August, 2012) was appointed to help eliminate the legal profession’s gender bias and the demonstrated gap between salaries for men and women. This group plans to disseminate a series of free resources — the first of which is the recently launched “Toolkit for Gender Equity in Partner Compensation.”

Source: National Law Journal | ABA Issues Toolkit, Aiming To Eliminate Gender Pay Gap

The Ticket To Getting Hired? Try Thought Leadership.

Successful lawyers long have known the benefits of choosing a specific niche and becoming a “thought leader” in that space. By raising their visibility — typically through article publishing, social media and public speaking —these “rainmakers” attract a steady stream of opportunities. If you want to burnish your reputation (and have something terrific to talk about in your next interview or sales situation) a thought leadership program might be just the thing for your career.

Source: Above The Law | The Practice: Why Would Anyone Hire You?

Positioning Yourself For Success — Via The Story Of Your Brilliant Career

As history shows, humans are “hard-wired” to communicate through stories. These story narratives help us to make sense of complicated events and to remember lessons to guide our future decisions. Stories also can help us differentiate ourselves and persuade others to choose us for important assignments and opportunities. Since you’re the one who gets to shape this crucial narrative, why leave the story of your brilliant career to chance?

Source: HBR Blog Network | Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative

Social Media Process Server: Future Employment Opportunity?

This may be just a passing fancy. On the other hand, using social media as a vehicle for legal process-serving seems almost inevitable. In any case, a state legislator in Texas has introduced a bill to allow social media service after attempts using conventional delivery methods had failed to provide the “notice” required by law.

Source: eMedia Law Insider | Texas Leg Watch 2013

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