National Siblings Day


Marisa Simmons

Marisa is an Attorney Search Director for Parker + Lynch Legal in our Atlanta office. Connect with her today!

It’s National Sibling Day! Likely overlooked and low on the list of important holidays, I happen to be a fan of National Sibling Day. Mostly because it’s a day my sister can celebrate me, her awesome older sister, from whom she learned so much as a child. She learned that she should always lock the door while in the bathroom lest the lights go out while showering; that house phones with one line will be used for spying without exception; and that if you’re not home, your closet will be used as your older sister’s back-up wardrobe.

Sibling superlatives

But siblings are so much more than teachers and character-builders. Actually, with a quick Google search, you’ll find that people with siblings lead happier and healthier lives than only children, that there are specific benefits to having a sister (what do you mean I’m biased?), and even that older siblings are often smarter! (Again, really, no bias!) What I’m getting at is that having siblings actually has a huge impact on who we are and can make us better people. And that doesn’t just go for people siblings. Companies can be siblings too.

Superior recruiting expertise is all in the family

Here at Parker + Lynch Legal, we have a TON of siblings – sister companies – all highly specialized in one professional area. Legal, healthcare, IT, accounting and finance to name a few, but the list goes on. Our teams of recruiters and business developers often have backgrounds in the areas in which they recruit.

For example, for six years I practiced as a licensed attorney before getting into recruiting for Parker + Lynch Legal. This equipped me in understanding our clients’ and candidates’ industry-specific needs and pain points. But because we are highly diversified across a broad array of industries through our sister companies, we are able to assist our clients in any of their hiring needs, whether they are looking for a payroll manager for the HR department, a General Counsel to lead the legal team, an executive assistant to support the CEO, a Marketing Director, or anyone else you can imagine. We even have a sister company that works with contracting companies to find their employees new professional homes.

When you speak with a professional at Parker + Lynch Legal or any of our sister companies, we will ask if there is anything else we can help with and we mean it – we are always happy to introduce you to a colleague with any of our sister brands to help find the professional or job opportunity you’re looking for.

So here’s to you Special Counsel, D4, Parker + Lynch, Ajilon, Modis, Lee Hecht Harrison, Accounting Principals, Pontoon, Soliant Health, VendorPass (I told you there’s a lot of us) and all the rest of you in the Adecco Group family. We’re better because of each other. Happy National Siblings Day! (And lucky for all of you who didn’t grow up under the same roof as me…)

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