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Tiffany Henson

Tiffany works as an Attorney Search Director for the Florida branch of Special Counsel. Before joining the firm, Tiffany was a practicing attorney for ten years in the Orlando and Jacksonville areas. Because of her extensive experience working in the legal industry, she truly understands the market. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Florida and her JD from Barry University School of Law.

As an adult, Tiffany has only lived in two states: Florida and Hawaii. She feels strongly about having access to both warm weather and a beach!

It’s back to school time! Why not reassess your goals for the year and adjust accordingly? In January, you spent time laying out your goals for the year. Where are you with those goals? Maybe you smashed the year so far and need new goals or you are a little behind and need to modify your plan. Setting your goals is the first step to achieving them but if you don’t make actionable steps to get there, you might end up way off course. Here are some ideas and tips that work for me:

  • Make the goals as specific as possible. If you are trying to develop new business, don’t just state the goal as “develop business.” Instead, state that you want to generate $200,000 in new business by year-end.
  • Write down many goals but identify the one goal that, if met, will make most of your other goals possible. Example: Close 10 new deals by year end. If you meet this goal, your take home revenue would increase, and you’d be able to meet your other goals (ex. Paying off debt, new car down payment).
  • Deconstruct that big goal into smaller bench marks to help you get there. To close 10 deals or generate that new business, what are the steps you need to do to make that happen? This step is important! Don’t rush through this one. Really take time to think about it and be detailed.
  • Make sure you are spending adequate time doing the activities you listed out in the previous step. Block off time on your calendar and make an appointment with yourself. No one else will do this for you! I find it helpful to have my goals in plain view of me daily. Currently, they are on my computer as my desktop background. It’s literally in front of my face every day. Find what motivates you!

Things will ALWAYS come up that are urgent and life happens, but you must stay committed and diligent if you want to achieve your goals. You are capable of more than you think. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want and go for it!!

Tiffany Henson is an Attorney Search Director for Parker+Lynch Legal, the attorney recruiting division of Special Counsel. Connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn or email her directly!

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