Three Tips for Successful Data Migration to RelativityOne

Data migration can be very exciting – when it goes wrong! There is enough excitement in the world (global pandemic, stock market roller coaster, US Presidential election, hazmat Santa’s, etc.) so let’s avoid the unnecessary excitement of a failed data migration.

We have migrated hundreds of projects from a variety of platforms to RelativityOne. As the industry leader in Managed Review, we understand the initial stress and concerns of “what if the system isn’t back up on time,” and help get you to “all is well, the review is on track,” once data is migrated to RelativityOne. Many times. No excitement. So here are three tips to help avoid a migration gone wrong.

Why migrate your data?

The main reason we’ve seen customers migrate to RelativityOne is due to it being a superior platform.  The RelativityOne software platform is the most powerful, widely adopted and flexible eDiscovery solution on the market. With automatic upgrades and access to the scalability of the cloud, it is the one-stop solution for future-proofing the modern litigation support practice. Otherwise, why migrate?  The desire is to be on a faster, less expensive, and more productive platform. Period.

Data Migration Tip #1 – Plan your work

If you really want to have data migration excitement, try migrating to a new platform without a plan.  You’ll get excited for sure, when the system doesn’t come up.  Successful (non-exciting) migrations must have a specific migration plan in place that includes data assessment, security and risk assessment, template design and milestones to measure progress.  Getting data from one system to another is pretty straight forward but making sure the migrated data can take full advantage of the new platform’s features is something else.  Plan the plan and follow it.

Data Migration Tip #2 – Design the new experience

A common mistake is not designing in advance what experience you want to see in the new platform.  You should know what new features you want to leverage and what your ideal workflow will be before conducting the migration.  That way, once the migration is complete, your team can immediately enjoy the benefits of the new platform.  Without designing what you want the system to be, you’ll likely never get there.

Data Migration Tip #3 – Go with a Pro

Experience matters.  We’ve seen it all and there are almost always unanticipated exceptions.  When those occur, you want someone with technical expertise to ensure those challenges are quickly remedied. Our experience includes migrations from platforms other than Relativity Server such as Summation, Concordance, IPRO, Everlaw, Xera, Ringtail and more. To jumpstart adoption, take advantage of available Training Solutions to ensure your team takes full advantage of the Aero UI interface and RelativityOne platform. 

As the first-ever RelativityOne Gold Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise in-house to ensure your data migration is seamless, and as unexciting, as possible.

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