Up and Coming Legal Technology to Watch

Innovation in the legal field is advancing at a rapid pace. A Thomson Reuters analysis shows that patents for legal technology are up 484 percent since 2012. Here’s a look at how emerging and maturing technologies are reshaping the legal landscape.


Reports show that over 80 percent of organizations have some level of eDiscovery capability, but most have room to expand. Uptake of capabilities like document preparation and budget management is comparatively high, but review and automated data collection are still in growth stages. The ongoing trend, however, is to rely increasingly on purely digital generation, storage, and production of documents. More sophisticated capabilities, like predictive coding that automates document review, could fundamentally shift not just the workflow of documents through the law office, but the accuracy and strength of client positions. To get ahead of the curve, Special Counsel ramped up its eDiscovery and predictive coding offerings in order to better serve its clients.

Cloud Computing

Law offices have long prized the privacy and control of keeping documentation and technology under wraps. As cloud computing continues to grow, firms are finding their comfort level with security and privacy to be tradeoffs of the cloud. Easy global accessibility and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities, plus automated security updates, often swing the ruling in favor of a move to the cloud.

Law Libraries

The iconic wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling law library remains a powerful totem of the profession. But it is as difficult to search as it is easy to recognize. Finally, attorneys will have a more comprehensive and easily searchable resource as law libraries go digital. Specifically, the Harvard Law School Library is creating the Caselaw Access Project, moving 42,000 volumes and 40 million pages online in a free, searchable form. This will completely change the way legal professionals conduct research.


Another wave of technological advances over the past two decades has redefined the structure of the traditional office. That of course, is the virtual law firm. In fact, they’re not simply redefining the office, they’re typically abandoning the brick-and-mortar office entirely. By leaning on modern mobile networks, eDiscovery, high-quality video conferencing and more, they aim to supplant the traditional Biglaw experience with nimble, full-service organizations built on a leaner cost structure and more modern outlook.

Legal Technology Is Here To Stay

No matter what technological changes impact the legal field, Special Counsel has the candidates and business solutions to support your business now and into the future. Contact us today to learn more about our end-to-end service offerings.

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