A Bar Exam Nightmare For The Ages


When A Faulty Software Holds The Fate Of Your Career

One of the most stressful weeks for a law student is obviously bar exam week. Three hard-working years of dedicated studying are culminated into one final exam that determines a law grad’s fate. But all of the frustration, anxiety, and stress of preparation and studying disappear once the final exam is uploaded and awaiting test results. Or does it?

What you may not realize (unless you were on Twitter last night), is that the July 2014 bar exam might be the biggest bar exam disaster ever, and ExamSoft, the software that bar exam candidates must use if they choose to type their exams, appears to be the source of the problem. Many exam takers across the country failed to upload their essays to ExamSoft by the deadlines set by their respective states due to a glitch in the software. To make matters worse, thousands of soon-to-be attorneys took to Twitter to not only express their frustrations, but unleash a tweet massacre on ExamSoft. View some of these tweets below:

ExamSoft apologized for the problem, and did take the proper actions to notify state board exam officials; most deadlines were extended in order for students to properly upload their exams. Recently it’s been reported that the upload issue has been resolved, and law students are now successfully uploading their exams for review.

Examsoft certainly has entered panic mode. Not only has their flagship product failed to work at the most pivotal time for it’s users, but it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to receive a few lawsuits from newly certified attorneys.

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