5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Professionals


Sonal Gaind

Sonal is a Solutions Fulfillment Manager for Special Counsel out of the Dallas, TX office.

If you have employees out for an extended vacation or on leave, it can be a stressful time for clients, colleagues or opposing counsel when they receive the dreaded ‘Out of the Office’ reply from anyone in your office. As these replies start to clog up your inbox, you may also start to worry about all of the projects and requests that are sitting unanswered.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution! Temporary workers can help alleviate some of the pain brought on by employees being away.

Here are 5 key reasons to hire temporary workers:

  • Continued coverage for clients– A contract attorney or temporary paralegal can help with your clients’ open cases or matters so your employees can enjoy their time off without worrying about missing clients’ deadlines or needs. They’ll help you keep up with demand and keep those projects moving along!
  • Flexible schedules– with temporary workers, you can essentially receive on-demand, expedient coverage. With temp staff, you aren’t locked into a full-time schedule. You pay only for the services you need, without the expense or commitment of a full-time employee.
  • Minimize time & cost– By hiring temporary employees, the HR and payroll-associated costs are handled by the recruitment agency. By working with a recruiter, this also means less time processing paperwork and logistics of bringing on a new hire – minimizing the time spent on posting jobs, screening and onboarding candidates.
  • Tackle that to-do list– every office has those projects that would be nice to do, “when you can get to it.” With temporary workers, you can finally get started on some of those tasks that have haunted the office to-do list for so long. These projects are just as important as the next, so be sure to make sure your temp feels like they are a useful part of the team.
  • Identify long term talent– hiring a temp is a great way to evaluate performance to see if your temp could be a potential future employee. With a temp, you are also able to see if they would be a good culturally with the organization, without making a full-time commitment first. They also get to know the business, meaning a shorter ramp-up time. Temp to perm employees are able to jump in and start working on projects that have immediate impact.

Whether you need a contract attorney or paralegal to assist on a critical matter for an interim period, or just need some extra help behind the front desk, SCI can help. We think you’ll enjoy having an extra set of hands around the office and that you’ll be begging your temp to stay!

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