Mid-Level Associates’ Job Satisfaction is Up

Mid-Level Associates’ Job Satisfaction Is Up, But Gender Gaps Remain

ALM’s The American Lawyer has been tracking job satisfaction ratings among mid-level associates for almost ten years, now. In it’s most recently announced findings, those satisfaction levels are at historic highs. Not surprisingly, however, male and female associates expressed opinions that differed significantly regarding: perceived likeliness of becoming partners; compensation; and family-friendliness issues. Survey details available at The American Lawyer.

Source: LawUpdates.com | The American Lawyer’s Survey of Midlevel Associates Finds Job Satisfaction at Historic Highs; For Women, Not So Much

As Fall Term Begins, Enrollment Numbers Up At Some Law Schools

Overall law school applicant numbers are down (-12.3%) for Fall, 2013 — but some law schools are seeing significant increases in the size of entering classes. Among them:

  • George Washington University Law School (up 22%)
  • The College of William and Mary Law School (up 16%)
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School (up 15%)

Among the possible reasons cited for the increased enrollments are: More generous financial aid packages, innovative academic programs, and new facilities.

Source: ABA Journal | Some law schools report increasing enrollment, citing low tuition and attractive financial aid

Copyright Claim On Bank Routing Numbers? Really?

A few months ago the American Bankers Association (ABA) filed a copyright claim against gregthatcher.com, a website that provided federal bank routing numbers as a public service. (Many of the numbers were sourced from the Federal Reserve.) The site owner’s response is getting considerable traction online, and if you thought “legal writing” and “creative writing” were mutually exclusive, you might want to view the letter.

Source: TechDirt | Best Response To A Copyright Threat Ever?

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