No Connection Needed: The LinkedIn Follow Button

LinkedIn Follow Button For Users

Why the LinkedIn Follow Button Is A Win for Legal Recruiting

You no longer need to connect with LinkedIn users in order to view the articles, job postings and other updates they share on LinkedIn. Recently introduced, the LinkedIn follow button allows users to follow anyone on LinkedIn, including users outside of their first degree network, and view certain updates shared by those users. The new follow feature is a win for legal recruiting because it allows hiring contacts at firms to share job postings and firm news with a large audience while limiting their LinkedIn connections to contacts they know.

For a variety of privacy related reasons, most law firm attorney recruiting managers and many law firm administrators refuse to accept LinkedIn invitations from law students or legal professionals unless they know them. However, by not connecting with law students and legal professionals, law firm hiring contacts haven’t been able to share job postings or other firm news with a pool of potential candidates who might be interested in working at the firm. The new follow button enables law students and legal professionals to follow law firm hiring contacts and view job postings, articles and other status updates the law firm hiring contacts wish to share; law firm hiring contacts don’t have to worry about connecting with people they don’t know.

To get started, law students and legal professionals can follow hiring contacts in two steps:

1. Go to the LinkedIn page of the hiring contact you wish to follow, and click the drop down menu next to the Connect button as shown below; select “View recent activity”.

LinkedIn Follow Button For Recruiting

2. Click on the yellow “Follow” button in the upper right corner, as shown below, to see activity updates from the person in your news feed—as if you were connected!   Note – you won’t be able to see personal updates like job changes or updates to the user’s profile, but you will be able to see status updates the user shares, such as job postings and articles.  You’ll also be able to comment on the status updates.

The New LinkedIn Follow Button

3Finally, law firm hiring contacts (or anyone who is selective with their LinkedIn connections), can add a statement in their summary section explaining their selectivity protocols for connecting on LinkedIn and encouraging people to follow them for updates on job postings and information about the firm.  Here’s an example from my LinkedIn summary.

Recruiting with the LinkedIn Follow Button

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