Special Counsel Features Non-Traditional Benefits in 2019 Salary Guide

With the national unemployment rate at a record low, competition for skilled talent is at an all-time high. To help navigate this hiring landscape, we’re excited to announce the launch of our 2019 Salary Guide – now featuring data for both in-house corporate legal departments and law firms. The guide reveals legal salaries and data insights for lawyers, in-house counsel, paralegals and other support personnel in both localized markets and across the entire nation. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:


To collect the most accurate salaries and total compensation figures, we surveyed clients, candidates, and industry partners in the legal industry from all over the country. Collected from over 6,000 contributors, our 2019 Legal Salary Guide includes the most up-to-date legal salaries for attorneys and support personnel as well as the latest in non-traditional benefits and bright industry insights. And because we asked both in-house professionals (1,020 respondents) and those in law firms (5,105 respondents), our guide features insights relevant to all areas of the legal industry.


Securing top legal talent is a sizable concern for legal employers in 2019, and organizations are using incentives to attract and retain the attorneys and legal support personnel they need.

In our Salary Guide, we break down benefits in two ways:

  1. Bonuses as a benefit: We provide real figures of bonuses given, from actual legal industry candidates, to show what your top performers might be expecting in the coming year.
  2. Low-cost benefits: Based on feedback from SCI and Parker + Lynch Legal, we reveal the best low-cost benefits we’ve seen from over 1,500 placements.

For example, of the 6,000+ professionals we surveyed, over 50% of respondents said they receive some sort of flexible schedule or work arrangement. Offering out-of-the-box benefits to legal professionals won’t do the job alone though: Employers must also offer competitive compensation to secure top talent.


To help legal teams find success now and into the future, our 2019 Salary Guide provides updated salary data and total cash compensation figures based on company (or firm) size and geographic area for 60+ positions.

After collecting salary and total compensation numbers from real legal professionals in these roles nationwide, we vetted all local data through managing directors in those markets to ensure the greatest accuracy. 

Unlike other firms who apply multipliers from all industries(via the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) to project salary data for specific locations, our numbers are uniquely reflective of the legal industry. Our multipliers are determined market-by-market, are industry-specific, and factor in our need-based proprietary data.

For easy consumption, we break down the data by company size as well as base salary, total compensation (salary+ bonuses + other incentives), and average for both. We also include the highs and lows of compensation figures for even more clarity. This approach provides a 360-degree view of compensations in 2019.


An increase in technology-capabilities, and the accompanying possibility for remote and flexible work arrangements, might be impacting the entirety of the legal industry. For example, those surveyed reveal a decrease in relocations: Only 30% of attorney placements required relocation, down from 35% in 2018.

Because our dynamic data includes industry input like this –as well as localized insights from all over the country – our guide provides a holistic perspective to help direct law firms and in-house legal departments as they navigate hiring, retention, and compensation shifts.

Find 2019 legal salaries and data insights for lawyers, counsel, paralegals and a full spectrum of firm and in-house legal positions in both your local market and the entire nation with the help of our 2019 Salary Guide. Use this valuable resource as your foundation for hiring and retaining the legal professionals that your law firm or corporate legal department needs. Get yours today.

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