Is Temp-to-Hire the Answer?


Stachia Ullmann

Stachia joined Special Counsel’s Minneapolis office as Business Development Director in September 2014. In her role, she works with legal employers and practicing attorneys to deliver document review staffing, temporary legal staffing, permanent placement services, and eDiscovery services. Stachia is well networked in the local legal community and has a broad range of experience, which has given her a thorough understanding of the needs of legal teams. Stachia enjoys partnering with clients to ensure that their needs are met expeditiously.

Prior to joining Special Counsel, Stachia spent nine years in the career and professional development office at Hamline University School of Law and served as the Director of Career Services for a local college. Additionally, Stachia has prior experience working as a legal recruiter for another staffing firm, giving her experience with client account management and legal recruiting. Stachia has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religion and a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Hamline University.

When faced with an employment decision, employers should be aware of all potential staffing options. Would your law firm benefit from a contractor for a quick surge in workload? Do you prefer to hire someone for a permanent, full-time position? Perhaps a blend of those two scenarios would be best? In that case, you should consider finding someone for a Temp-to-Hire arrangement.

Temp-to-Hire is a flexible staffing option available to employers. This allows both candidates and employers to “test drive” the working relationship before making a permanent decision.

Below are some key benefits of a Temp-to-Hire staffing arrangement:

  • Employers can evaluate the employee on a risk-free basis during the temporary portion of the job.
  • Temp-to-Hire staffing arrangements are typically facilitated through staffing partners. These partners offer many other benefits to employers, such as advanced screening processes, and may cover all payroll and employment costs and taxes.
  • Working with a staffing partner for Temp-to-Hire saves the employer time and money on the search process. Access to a large talent pool shortens the search, hiring and onboarding processes – getting you the talent you need as quickly as possible!
  • Flexible Temp-to-Hire staffing enables the employer to easily adjust to fluctuations in workload. If the position is no longer needed, the employer can remove the employee from the assignment (with the help of your staffing partner).

Things to consider:

  • Temp-to-Hire opportunities may attract a different demographic of candidates than direct hire positions. Those currently employed full-time may not be willing to leave their position for something less definite.
  • While the employer assesses the employee for long-term fit, the employee will also use this time to evaluate the employer. If the position becomes permanent, this “assessment phase” helps ensure compatibility on both sides. So remember that the “test drive” goes both ways!

When faced with your next staffing decision, be sure to consider all your options. For guidance, reach out to a staffing partner to ensure you’re making the best decision for you and your firm.

Happy hiring!

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