Relativity Fest 2020 Takeaways

While we weren’t able to attend in person this year, as the event was virtual, RelFest 2020 delivered a full agenda of informative sessions and lively discussions. Here are the top 5 takeaways we think are the RelFest Best:

AERO – Simply powerful brand-new modern User Interface speeds you through review

Relativity’s new Aero UI has been two years in the making, completely modernizing the review platform. It is not just a new coat of paint, with doc-to-doc navigation speeds at 0.3 seconds, redesigned intuitive platform navigation, and thoughtful workflows. The review UI brings Analytics to the forefront, enabling you to get to relevant docs faster. The number of clicks required in order to enable common task functionality has been significantly reduced and Automated Workflows removes administrative burden on routine tasks, allowing you to uncover the case facts faster than ever before. As one of Relativity’s Advanced Access Program partners, Special Counsel has developed deep expertise with Aero. We have been providing the UI and personalized support to our clients months before anyone else.

RELATIVITYONE – The best version of Relativity gets even better

RelativityOne continues an incredible adoption rate as clients increasingly want the most feature-rich and secure version of Relativity available. RelativityOne is built on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud and allows Relativity to keep the platform always up to date with security patches and feature enhancements, accelerating the pace of innovation. With multiple workflows designed to save you money, including Repository workspaces and Cold Storage workspace retention, data flexibility has never been greater, and pricing has never been more affordable. Future integration with Microsoft Teams and additional Automated Workflows exclusive to RelativityOne make this the best time to jump into the platform.

RELATIVITY ACTIVE LEARNING – Organize data and discover the truth, faster

Formerly considered a futuristic tool with promise, Relativity Active Learning has become a staple within the suite of Relativity analytics and has reformed how efficiency, cost savings and quality assurance are defined across projects. From large cases to small, a focal point of review to behind the scenes prioritization, Active Learning’s use cases are endless, and with the recent addition of family-based review, Active Learning can now be seamlessly introduced into long standing workflows. Leveraging AI has become not only accepted but assumed. Find the good stuff faster with Relativity Active Learning.

THEIA – Make your graphic images talk

Exclusively from R1 and Special Counsel.  Today’s eDiscovery and investigation collections contain more graphic image files than ever before. But between photos and scanned graphics, how do you determine what is in the image and what is relevant? Historically, a human being had to manually determine the appropriate words to describe each image. Now, Special Counsel’s Theia empowers your review process by automatically applying content tags to your graphic images.  For example, a construction case involving defective building material would be interested in site photos tagged as “building,” “stairway,” “rubble” but not necessarily “mountains,” “grass,” or other non-building related tags. Theia helps your team save time and resources by allowing you to increase your focus on the most relevant graphic images and avoid reviewing the images that aren’t relevant to the project. Please watch this short 1-minute video to learn more about Theia.

TRACE – Proactive Monitoring for Compliance and Communication Surveillance

Most all corporations have compliance training, but how can they confirm their employees are following the protocols? Implementing a proactive compliance monitoring program allows for early detection and correction of any problems that could cause your company to be in non-compliance.  By proactively monitoring your operational activities and using Relativity Trace, issues are addressed in real time rather than months (sometime years) after the fact, enabling you to avoid massive problems that unwelcomed activities cause.  Here is a link to a success story presented at FEST featuring Trace and Special Counsel in China.

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