Recent Accolades Reinforce Why D4’s Powered by People

When you think of an eDiscovery company, the first things that might come to mind are along the lines of specific software, data workflows, document review or data productions. With so much focus on technology, it can be easy to lose sight of the people behind it – but some organizations are determined to change that conversation.

4 years ago, D4 adopted the tagline “powered by people” to emphasize the creativity and customization that is put into each project by our employees. To continuously deliver high-quality results, employees have adopted the “do what it takes” motto that has become an integral part of our organization. Today we highlight one of the many individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to empower our customer-centric approach.

HR Executive of the Year Award

Heather Bigger is D4’s Vice President of Human Resources. Because of her dedication and leadership, Heather was recently nominated as HR Executive of the year.

According to the Rochester Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) website, the award is designed to honor HR professionals who:

  • Are innovative and consistently prepare their organizations for the future.
  • Make significant contributions and impact their organizations, the HR community and the communities in which they live.
  • Demonstrate leadership, innovation and operational excellence.
  • Inspire others to excel.

As one of 5 nominees for the award that will be announced on April 18th, Heather had to go through an extensive application process that was started by the CEO and Controller of D4 on her behalf. As one of 5 nominees, Heather has gone through a panel interview consisting on board members of the NHRA Association, award chairs, former award winners, and/or various local business liaisons and leaders in the community. 

Rochester’s Top Workplaces for 2018

Heather’s contributions and demonstrated leadership have helped to impact the organization in a positive way and have helped attract some of the best and brightest individuals in the legal industry. In order to retain that talent, the company easily relies on the family-oriented culture that exists. It is this culture that has helped D4 gain recognition as one of the Rochester Top Workplaces for 2018 in the medium-sized business category. We asked Heather to expand on this award and what it means to D4:

1. So tell me, why did D4 make the Top Workplaces in Rochester list for 2018?

First and foremost because of our people. We are proud of the talent and expertise they bring to the organization, and even more proud of their character. Their collaborative approach and support of one another shows daily.  Whenever I ask a D4 employee what they enjoy most about working here, their answer to me is because of the people they work with.  I believe this is corroborated by the fact that our employees have voted us a Rochester Top Workplace in 2018. 

2. How would you explain our culture at D4?

There are a few critical components that make up the great culture we have at D4.  The first is that D4 has always been a very family-oriented company.  As mentioned above, our employees enjoy the people they work with and go above and beyond to support each other.  One of the questions from the survey asked the employees to complete the following statement, “I love my job because…” One response was, “…I am surrounded by great people.  …Everyone here has positive, supportive family values that spills over into our work family.”  

Second, our leaders focus on ensuring employees are part of the decision-making process and ultimate solutions.  We’re proud to see that employees have commented on improvement they have seen in this area over the course of the last year and the fact that they feel heard and that their opinion matters. 

Third, D4 is part of a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.  Because of this, D4 is not unfamiliar with rapid change in order to stay a leader in the business.  This provides an opportunity for continued growth, the ability to learn and develop new skills and gain additional knowledge, all of which our employees have stated they value about our organization.

Last, we are focused on promoting an overall positive environment through recognition and by incorporating fun along the way.  D4 employees participate in a variety of activities such as health and wellness events and fundraisers, rooftop celebrations, and cross-company challenges which foster collaboration across our business units and individual teams.  Also important to mention is how vital our recognition program is to the company.  We recognize each other’s efforts and the positive contribution our employees make towards D4’s overall success. If you stop by any of the D4 offices, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see an employee proudly wearing one of our unique t-shirts that is given as part of our recognition program. We actually just completed a contest where employees identified a new favorite slogan they will proudly wear when recognized, “I’m kind of a big deal!”.

3. What are some of the comments from the employee satisfaction survey that you are most proud of? 

I have to admit, reviewing the overall comments from our employees is exciting to see, even the constructive feedback as it helps us zero in on how to improve. We want to improve and have D4 rise even higher on the top workplaces list! I’ll share just a few of my favorite comments below:

  • What makes you feel appreciated at D4?
    “I feel appreciated by getting to be involved in decision making, getting encouragement from my manager, positive feedback from peers; I feel like my voice is heard and I have a part in the level of success that we expect and enjoy!”

  • Why would you recommend working at D4, LLC?
    “I have recommended, and he starts within the next few weeks. This is the best job I have ever had.”
  • What about D4 LLC is motivating to you?
    “Even after twenty years, our industry is rapidly growing and there is a never-ending opportunity to learn and do something new. What we do here has always felt experimental, and I find that exciting, not destabilizing, and it juices me.”

  • What contributes most to you wanting to stay with D4 LLC?
    ““My co-workers, the care and concern shown by most of the leaders, the sense of family that I get from working at a smaller organization (even though we are now part of a larger parent company).”
  • What impresses you most about the values and ethics of D4 LLC?
    “Not many companies treat their employees as a family anymore, D4 really instills their values and abides by them.”

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