Office 365 Feature Comparisons to Consider Before You Choose a License

As more and more individuals move their data systems into the cloud we find they are often of two minds. On the one hand, users love the flexibility and accessibility that cloud-based solutions provide, but on the other, they often have a hard time navigating how the different technological architecture plugs into their existing platforms. 

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This has been a growing issue for organizations as more of them move their internal email systems into Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises. Office 365’s suite of tools can work seamlessly with your internal systems and workflows, but to do so requires an understanding of each tools capabilities and limitations. Gaining this understanding will be one of the first hurdles you must overcome when deciding which Office 365 for Enterprises subscription plan is right for your needs.  Informing yourself on the subscriptions available, their differences, pricing plans, and how E3 or E5 can fit into your existing workflows can help make this decision much easier for you and your organization.

eDiscovery Feature Comparisons in Enterprise Licenses

Office 365 for Enterprises E3 License

The E3 license gives an organization a nice base from which to start their eDiscovery matters.  This all begins in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, which is an integrated hub used to coordinate your eDiscovery efforts across several Microsoft products. 

After being given eDiscovery Manager Permissions, a user can create an eDiscovery case, which is a collaborative environment that contains your work product and pulls together all the potentially relevant documents into one central location. This allows you easy access to the data that matters to you, without having to run and rerun searches to find where you or your colleagues left off and makes recalling documents within your environment easier than ever.

Once a case has been created within the Security & Compliance Center, you can enact workflows that allow you to get to the heart of your case. With a few clicks a user can apply an in-place hold to specific locations or mailboxes within your O365 environment, which tells the system to create a defensible copy of the email or document for preservation. This allows users to get their projects started off in a defensible and legally sound manner and has made the usual hold process efficient and simple.Once a hold has been put in place, the E3 licensure gives users the ability to run their own keyword searches and apply filters for date ranges, domains, authors, senders, etc., on the email and documents within the O365 environment. 

Once the user has identified all the potentially relevant document they can quickly and easily set that dataset for export, allowing them to transfer the data into a standardized data package that is ready to be loaded up into your review tool of preference.

Office 365 for Enterprises E5 License

The Office 365 for Enterprises E5 license puts even more power in the hands of the user through the 365 Advanced eDiscovery Center. The Advanced eDiscovery Center is unique to the E5 subscription plan and allows for a large amount of the eDiscovery workflow to be handled within Office 365 environment. 

To make this possible, Microsoft has married their Equivio Machine Learning technology with predictive coding and textual analytic tools, which all work in tandem to help reduce cost and make it easier to overcome challenges in the eDiscovery process. These advanced tools can provide a lot of benefit for a corporation. They allow you to reduce the volume of a dataset by eliminating duplicate files, detecting near duplicate files to track changes over time, and threading emails to allow for proper context and ease of review. 

The integrated analytical tools also allow key themes and relationships to come to the forefront, giving you the context you need to make a tough legal call. Finally, the predicative coding tools provide a pathway to quickly and intelligently exploring unwieldy datasets allowing you to find those documents that are important to your case.

The subscription plan has one more trick up its sleeve. The Advanced eDiscovery Center in E5 can export your data packaged in a CSV file that is ready to load into your review platform of choice. This CSV package contains all the document properties and metadata that are so vital to the review process and, once exported, allows you to maintain the analytics that had been applied before the export. This has helped users preserve their preliminary work product and provided them with a quick and clean way to get a project up and running without having to wait for their dataset to be processed and converted into the proper format for review.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Office 365 for Enterprises E3 license is a robust platform that provides a good starting point for eDiscovery matters, and allows users to exert control and create workflows without slowing down the day-to-day operations of their company. While it is good for any organization looking to dip their toes into the eDiscovery workflows and test out cloud based solutions, it may not provide the tools that advanced eDiscovery practitioners are growing accustomed to. The E5 license and its Advanced eDiscovery Center incorporates those advanced tools and allows veterans unprecedented power to kick their project off on the right foot.

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