Office 365 Enterprise E5: 6 Features That Could Benefit Your Business

Microsoft has made, and continues to make, billion dollar strides in artificial intelligence, automation, advanced security, threat protection, eDiscovery and advanced analytics.

How can Microsoft solve your business, eDiscovery and advanced analytics challenges through their E5 enhancements?

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If your mission is to centralize your data in a secure environment to obtain more control over information transparency for decision making, all while reducing cost, here are some of the solutions you should learn more about.

E5 Security

Advanced Threat Protection for Malware

Protecting your organization against unknown malware and viruses is more important now than ever before. There were over 300 million pieces of malware reported in the past year. Hackers are getting more aggressive, more creative and more damaging with their hacks. Microsoft is investing billions to stay in front of the hackers. One of the things that E5 can provide is a real-time protection at the time of click against malicious URLs, links, attachments and then trace and report on the URL.

Advanced Security Management

This gives you visibility and control into Office 365 usage and security incidents. For example, you’ll have the ability to identify high risk and abnormal usage, security incidents and threats. This allows for the reduction of possible attacks with granular controls that monitor access.

Customer Lockbox 

This feature will give you complete control of your data. Even Microsoft does not have access to your data in the cloud.

There is a rigorous process for Microsoft support resources to gain access for troubleshooting. Maintain data security by granting “just-in-time” access to users, which provides limited data access and logs all access activities for audit and reporting.

Audit Log Search 

E5 has Audit Log Search capability, when you need to find out if a user deleted a document or if an admin reset someone’s password. The Office 365 audit log can inform you what the users and admins in your organization have been doing. You’ll be able to find activity related to email, groups, documents, permissions, directory services, and much more. You may also create a new alert policy around this activity.

Additional E5 Features

E5 Analytics

Looking to gain efficiencies both externally and internally? Power BI Pro for live business analytics and visualization, and MyAnalytics for individual and team effectiveness and productivity, offers the insight needed to track and measure efficiencies and production so that proper and applicable planning for continuous improvement may take place.

E5 Voice

Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing provides worldwide dial in for meetings. Exploring a new solution to your legacy phone system to reduce your telecom spend? PSTN Calling is a cost-effective cloud based dial tone service. A Cloud PBX business phone system in the cloud brings an anywhere, any device solution to the table.

There are many reasons to upgrade to E5, especially if your world is discovering the need to be more and more security compliant to the latest and greatest prevention and tracking tools available. My next blog will focus on the Advanced Analytics piece – another fine reason to get on the E5 bandwagon.

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