What is Data Mapping? ESI Basics for eDiscovery

What is data mapping? A data map is a comprehensive and defensible inventory of a corporation’s IT systems that store information, which may be relevant to litigation and other proceedings. Data mapping also serves the purpose of identifying the potential sources of ESI (electronically stored information) and the location of those sources. Specifically, it should also include who manages those sources, and details about the scope of ESI available from each. ESI Data Map Key Elements There are a few key elements of an ESI data map. First, it should identify the IT systems most likely to be relevant based on the organization’s discovery portfolio. For non tech-savy individuals, the data map should also include a plain English description of the IT system’s purpose and role so that it is easily understood. Lastly, the data map should be able to provide answers to critical discovery questions about IT systems. Be sure to include any record retention … Continue reading What is Data Mapping? ESI Basics for eDiscovery