Contract Dispute Case Study: Beyond TAR 1.0

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Contract Dispute: Warehouse Distribution

There was a change in material facts resulting in substantial financial losses.

Law Firm engages D4 and Special Counsel engages for discovery and review, to assist with production of documents related to the case. Case team is comprised of a senior associate at the firm, a Special Counsel Managed Review Project Manager, a team of 10 contract attorneys, and a D4 Discovery Engineer.

Counsel negotiated search terms reducing document population from 2.1 million docs to under 650,000 documents. D4 works with case team to run iterative search term process and run sampling protocol to assess richness of negotiated search terms.

TAR Review Protocol

Counsel negotiates a TAR review protocol with opposing to agree on the review population. D4 ingested culled data into Brainspace to employ Special Counsel Managed Review team in a low cost market to stabilize machine learning.

Counsel provides review protocol training to Special Counsel team in addition to daily quality control (QC) review. The team reviewed 14,567 documents for the first pass review and leverages the Brainspace technology to identify 173,224 responsive documents.

Counsel and D4 Discovery Engineer consult with opposing counsel to disclose workflow, cutoff score, and further steps before production.

By the Numbers

  • Dozens of data sources and  over 200 GB collected
  • 2.1m documents searched
  • 644,049 documents negotiated for review
  • 14,567 trained for CAL/TAR workflow
  • 173,224 documents for privilege screening and production
  • First Pass Review: 3 weeks – $18,471

Savings Compared to Traditional Review:

First pass review time and cost savings: $302,926.25 – 6 weeks

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