Around the World in 8 Days: A Remote Collection Success Story

The demand for remote ESI collections is rapidly increasing. For many situations, legal teams prefer this method over on-site data collections due to its convenience and the tremendous cost savings realized from not having to pay for the forensic consultant’s travel costs.

This is a case study about a client who needed to collect data from 200 desktops and 24 servers, located in three different countries, and we only had 15 days to complete the collection.

Matter Specifications

  • Desktops: ~ 200 total (MAC and Windows machines)
  • Servers: 24 (Linux, MAC and Windows)
  • Time frame: Search and collection needed to be completed in 15 days
  • Countries: Middle East, United States, and Japan
  • Number of technicians needed on-site: ZERO
  • Travel Cost: ZERO
  • Average cost to collect per custodian: ~ $200

How is that possible?

D4 used eDiscovery software to conduct searches and collections remotely across all desktops and servers.

D4 installed software on three heavy-duty desktops and shipped them, along with sufficient storage, to each location. These boxes were pre-configured for remote access. In conjunction with the client’s IT department, our technicians deployed the boxes and remotely connected to them from our HQ in Rochester, New York.

The files on the desktops and servers were filtered and searched. Only the files that met the search criteria were collected. Out of the possible 32 TB of data, we only collected about 1 TB.

The ability to remotely search and filter at the point of collection resulted in an astounding cost savings to D4’s client. From the time the boxes were setup at each location, it took our technicians eight days to search and collect all pertinent data. The drives containing the responsive data set were encrypted and shipped back to D4 for hosting and further processing.

D4 also created logs of all the data that was searched and provided that information to the legal team for further vetting.

Remote ESI Collections Are Effective and Cost-Efficient

The industry’s ever-evolving technology allows us to provide our clients with defensible and cost-effective methods to identify, collect, and review a fraction of the ESI than would have been necessary a few years ago.

We can deploy this solution for collections of nearly any size, and have done so for clients with as few as five desktops. Not only can we collect the data remotely, but we can also process the ESI and provide basic Early Case Assessment services without physically removing the data from the client site. Remote collection and processing capabilities are important for corporations who prefer their sensitive data not be physically removed from their site. This is also important for entities with locations in Europe operating under privacy laws differing from the United States.

D4’s access to, and continuous vetting of, the industry’s latest and leading software is what enables us to concoct the right solution and workflow for every matter. Our team comprises experts who understand the technology we use inside and out, enabling us to provide innovative workflows and customized solutions for our clients. Contact D4 today to learn more about the innovative ESI solutions we can provide your team.

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