5 Fundamental Benefits of Managed Services Partnerships

An eDiscovery managed services offering is akin to a pay-by-the-container buffet. Just as one fills a flimsy plastic take out container to the brim with as many gastronomically-complementary items as will fit for $11.99 flat, a managed services partner can benefit from a figurative bucket full of eDiscovery services, technology, and human services for one flat, predictable price. 

These are the fundamental benefits of a managed services partnership:

1. People

Seasoned veterans, utility infielders, and tactical specialists. 

Managed services providers can offer unprecedented access to fluid teams of dynamic individuals: industry veterans trained in technology, law, and the disciplines’ intersection. Human intelligence is the one truly-proprietary resource of any provider of managed services. Solid people make managed services partnerships invaluable and provide a renewable source of competitive advantage.

2. Advocacy

An industry partnership.

As your advocate in the electronic discovery and information governance industries, a managed services partner formulates mutually-beneficial strategies and negotiates new technology options on your behalf. Collaboration on joint marketing and business development endeavors are intangible benefits that extend beyond the daily task-based functions of traditional litigation technology support.

3. Technology Access

A litany of well-vetted technology, from the most cutting-edge to those long-trusted as industry staples.

A managed services partnership, through which a client receives unburdened access to ever-increasing and enhanced technology options, is often favorable to a simple hardware and licensing commitment. The partnership is an effective insurance plan that protects against technology obsolescence. The burden of committing to long term contracts, ongoing infrastructure, and upgrade support ascribes to the managed services provider. 

4. Predictable Budget

Pre-determined costs that are clear and easy to pass through.

An annual subscription arrangement can be paid monthly, quarterly, or in advance for access to everything you need and nothing you don’t. If the service provider has properly vetted the needs and objectives of your organization, you’ll find the normal peaks and troughs that arise from transactional work smoothed, and that handful of “bet the farm” litigation events not-so-daunting.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

Anticipate needs, prepare for change.

Litigation is unpredictable. The dynamic teams dedicated to the provision of managed services are flexible in response to complications and ever-prepared to take advantage of opportunities. Managed services providers can easily scale up or down – dedicating or disengaging resources – as each situation warrants. 

Where Should You Start?

Finding a managed services vendor may not be a quick and easy process, but it doesn’t need to be painful. The capacity of a managed services bucket is customizable and adaptable, the content choices endless, and expert litigation support consultants assist in crafting best-fit plans. 

At D4, we’ll assess your needs: tell us about your litigation history, your infrastructure, your personnel, your clients, your objectives. Next, let’s collaborate on solutions: we’ll propose them, you’ll tell us what you like and don’t like. We’ll revisit the drawing board and bring a personalized plan to the table. As you sift through the solution details, you’ll realize the truly custom-tailored nature of our plans.

Contact D4 today for a complimentary initial assessment with a D4 consultant.

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