4 Key Advantages of Conducting Remote Depositions

Do I need to travel to that deposition?

New advances in technology have made this a question that attorneys need to be asking themselves before they plan to take a deposition.

For example, let’s say you need to conduct a four-hour deposition in snowy Montana, requiring a minimum of three days of traveling in the middle of December. But do you really want to travel all the way to Montana if your office is in sunny Florida? Probably not.

Advances in Deposition Technology

Traditionally, when you needed to depose a witness in another city, state or country, you had no choice but to travel to the witness’ location incurring great expense for your clients. This could impact both your productivity, and your personal life having to be away from home for multiple days at a time.

Introduction of Video Conferencing

The introduction of video conferencing several years ago to the deposition process helped minimize the need to travel, so long as you could find the necessary video conferencing capable locations where you needed them and were willing to pay the extreme rates they were charging. This may have addressed the attorney productive and travel concerns, but it just moved the high cost of travel for clients into a different bucket for video conferencing.

So, is there a way to reduce the costs to clients and limit travel time for attorneys to allow for increased productivity? Yes.

Conducting Remote Depositions 

Technology, like Live Deposition, allows attorneys and witnesses the ability to take and/or attend depositions from anywhere that they have a laptop, desktop, iPad or smartphone with a webcam and an internet connection; without having to sacrifice any of the standard deposition deliverables of the final transcript or exhibits. 

Rule 30(b)(6) provides counsel the opportunity to depose witnesses representing the opposing counsel – an opportunity which may only be presented once. Download this eBook to get tips and best practices to make the most of these opportunities.

This type of technology allows you to conduct a two-hour deposition in another state or country that only requires those two hours of the attorney’s or witness’ time.

Are remote depositions right for you?

Avoid the headache of conducting your deposition in-person. By conducting your deposition remotely, you avoid unnecessary travel time and cost, high-priced location fees, reduced productivity and personal time away from your family.

Here are the four main benefits of conducting depositions remotely to better understand if this method is right for you.

1. No unnecessary travel time or cost – Save the costs of airfare, car rentals, and hotel charges for your client

2. No high-cost location rental fees – Video conference centers charge $195-$225 per hour to rent rooms, compared to the flat fee cost of $125-$150 for remote depositions

3. No loss of attorney productivity – Immediately collaborate with your team in the office, prepare for the next deposition or work on another matter

4. No personal time away from family – Avoid traveling away form home for multiple days for a single deposition

If any of those four items above are of value to you and/or your clients, you need to be asking yourself: Do I need to travel to that deposition?

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