How Attorneys Can Prepare for The In-House Interview

Preparing for the In-House InterviewInterviews can be tough — even for seasoned attorneys. The interview is, however, your best opportunity to gain insight into the position and company, as well as to determine how your experience and talent can contribute to the company’s growth and profitability. Some attorneys can go an entire career without finding their dream legal job. So, when you have the opportunity to land the perfect in-house position, you have to be sure you’re ready. You must excel at presenting your legal skills and experience to potential employers. In other words, you have to be an effective interviewee. There are proven ways to get beyond the typical interview and make yourself stand out from all the other candidates. That’s what the professionals at Special Counsel are all about. And that’s why we’ve summarized helpful interview tips to help you land the legal job you want.
In this post, we’ve put together our most valuable tips and guidelines to help attorneys preparing for the in-house interview. After years of experience with the sharpest legal candidates and the toughest clients, we have a very good idea of what works in an interview and what doesn’t. You’ll find all the information you need to prepare like a champ and win the job you want!

Do your homework — on the company.

Find out as much about the company — its history, its current situation and its future — as you can.
Sources to use include:
• Your recruiter
• The Internet
• Periodicals and trade journals
• Annual reports and 10K reports
• Friends and business associates

Do your home work — on the position.

Have a thorough understanding of the position, the primary responsibilities, and what is expected. Be prepared to ask questions: • Who has been successful and why?
• Who has failed and why? Or, what are some of the challenges a person in this role faces?
• Who does the position report to?
• What does an average day look like for someone in this role?
• What is the on-boarding process like?

Do your homework — on yourself.

Review your career history thoroughly:
• Review all dates, positions, responsibilities, and accomplishments.
• Know your strengths and weaknesses.
• Be prepared to cite specific examples of achievements and how these experiences can help the company solve some of its problems.
• Concentrate on your most recent positions, but don’t neglect your early career.
• Reflect on your successes so you can adequately impart your strengths when given the chance! Remember, the prospective employer will make his or her hiring decision based on these key factors:
• Attitude and business poise
• Image presentation and communication skills
• Experience and skill set
• Education and certifications
• Transferable industry and technical background

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