Why You Should Using a Recruiter to Find a Job Instead of Job Boards

It seems so easy and anonymous to click away and apply to jobs online. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to be overlooked by hiring managers who have to wade through tons of online resumes. If you’re ready to make a career move, allying yourself with a professional legal recruiter can greatly increase your odds of success. Here’s why:

Top 10 Reasons to Skip the Boards and Use a Recruiter

1. Gain access to the “hidden” job market.

Many firms and companies don’t go the job board route because it’s just too time-consuming. They know that the best talent partners with a professional recruiter and they rely on that recruiter to present them the best candidates. So recruiters have access to the “hidden” job opportunities you won’t find on the job boards.

2. Get into a firm or company you’ve been targeting.

A recruiter’s success depends upon establishing and developing relationships in their market. It is our job to have the relationships in place with the best employers in the area. We can target specific companies and sell your skills, personality match and resume directly to hiring managers.

3. Get the inside scoop.

A recruiter can provide you valuable insight on company environment and culture to ensure a successful hire. We can give you an up-close feel for the company/firm and for the interviewer before you meet. We provide interview feedback and moderate salary negotiations.

4. Safeguard your privacy.

Think your current employer won’t find out you’re looking? Many employers have set up automatic search agents on the big job boards to find out if their employees are looking to make a move. Beware!

5. Distinguish yourself as an exclusive candidate.

It’s difficult to stand out when yours is one among masses of resumes hiring managers receive from the job boards. Show your worth and stand out from the masses by aligning yourself with a recruiter – your odds of being noticed will increase greatly.

6. Avoid being inundated by phone calls.

We’ve heard of candidates being hounded by phone calls from pyramid scammers, debt consolidation companies and multiple agencies. With a good recruiter on your side, you have one point of contact and fewer dinner time phone interruptions.

7. Avoid overexposure.

Hiring managers like exclusive candidates and when they see a resume through a job board, or through several agencies, their impression is that the candidate may not be very valuable.

8. Maintain control over your resume.

Unfortunately, there are many unethical staffing agencies that will find your resume on a job board, then submit it to companies without your approval (we hear about this scenario constantly). If you don’t know where your resume is going, it’s difficult to manage your job search. With a reputable recruiter, you know exactly to which firms or companies your resume is being sent.

9. Take (at least some of) the anxiety out of your job search.

Recruiters are experts when it comes to interviewing techniques and resume preparation. Also, a good recruiter will look out for your best interest, something a web site will never be able to do.

10. Our services are 100% free to job seekers.

Employers pay us to find them the ideal candidates. Yes, most job boards are free as well. But we provide insight into hiring companies, interviewers and positions, in addition to assistance with resume preparation, interview coaching and salary negotiation. These are personal touches a job board just can’t provide.

We hope you’ll partner with a Special Counsel recruiter as an alternative to the job boards. You’ll be glad you did.

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