National Receptionists’ Day

National Receptionists' Day | Parker + Lynch

Impress the Voice of your Future Employer!

This second Wednesday in May we celebrate National Receptionists’ Day, a day to recognize and honor those “Directors of First Impressions” who can have such a huge impact on our businesses and clientele.  While the typical receptionist job description includes everything from answering and transferring phone calls to keeping up appearances of the lobby to stocking office supplies, the National Receptionists’ Association is putting forth an effort this year to promote their roles as marketing representatives for their company.

With the important function of acting as a company’s first point of contact, a receptionist is responsible for conveying the image a company wants to portray.  In that sense, the receptionist is really the personification of the company’s marketing efforts!  And in turn, receptionists often have the opportunity to offer their own first impressions of guests to decision makers and officials within the company.

How do you make an impression on the Director of First Impressions?

Whether you’re waiting in the lobby for a job interview or waiting to meet with a potential new client, here are some tips to make a positive impression on the receptionist and beyond:

  • Arrive with a smile. As you enter the lobby, make sure your smartphone is put away, that you make eye contact with the receptionist, and that you are clear and concise (and confidential, if need be) about who you are there to meet.
  • Be polite.  If you are told there might be a delay or find yourself waiting longer than you’d expected, make sure you keep a patient, professional demeanor.  Any rudeness or frustration you display might reflect badly on you!
  • Be respectful of the receptionist’s job.  If the phone is ringing off the hook, make sure you’re not overzealous about making conversation!  On the contrary, if the lobby is pretty quiet, a little small talk might tip the scales in your favor when making a positive impression.
  • Keep your smartphone out of sight. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to be completely present and aware, so keep your device put away during the waiting period.  It will make you seem more attentive, personable, and engaged.

As we recognize those who’ve taken the responsibility to be the face and voice of their organization, remember to approach the receptionist as a partner for marketing yourself!


Chrissie Hendrickson is a Regional Search Director for Special Counsel. Each day, she trains and advises internal colleagues on direct-hire placement. Chrissie currently resides in Washington DC and is constantly brainstorming, strategizing and implementing new fresh ideas to connect top legal talent with our top clients. To learn more, contact Chrissie at

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