LinkedIn Tips for Legal Professionals By Nondas Davis

Nondas Davis

If you use LinkedIn correctly, LinkedIn can help you land your next job or client. Try implementing the following five tips to maximize the results in your job search or business development:

1. Write descriptions about your positions. A complete LinkedIn profile contains a summary of substantive experience and prior positions held. However, most legal professionals only list their current and past positions; they don’t provide details of their substantive experience but should! Including descriptions about each position you have held provides searchable keywords that can be discovered by firm and corporation contacts when searching for their next hire.

2. Join LinkedIn Groups. Groups provide members with relevant discussions about hiring trends, job opportunities and networking events. The groups also connect legal professionals with similar specialties so that they can network online.

3. Profile pictures matter!! Professional head shots set your profile apart from the masses. Invest in a picture that conveys the image you want to project. Potential employers and clients routinely search profiles and the image you have posted will be a lasting one.

4. Broaden the reach. LinkedIn offers the option of linking your account to other social media platforms such as Twitter. Take advantage of this for maximum exposure for your posts and updates. Be creative in your tweets and LinkedIn updates!

5. Be seen as an expert. Use your LinkedIn account to post relevant articles and start discussions about legal trends or issues. Create online content that showcases your knowledge about substantive practice areas.

Try implementing these five tips so that you’ll appear attractive to employers and clients.

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