Q&A with a Legal HR Professional

Being part of the third largest employer in the world, you can imagine that HR is at the core of what we do, day in and day out. Our HR professional team is often recognized for their contributions to the field of HR. Recently, Heather Bigger, D4’s Vice President of Human Resources was nominated for the HR Executive of the year award because of her dedication, leadership and contribution to the Special Counsel family.

According to the Rochester Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) website, the award is designed to honor HR professionals who:

  • Are innovative and consistently prepare their organizations for the future.
  • Make significant contributions and impact their organizations, the HR community and the communities in which they live.
  • Demonstrate leadership, innovation and operational excellence.
  • Inspire others to excel.

Heather’s contributions and demonstrated leadership have helped to impact the organization in a positive way and have helped attract some of the best and brightest individuals in the legal industry. In order to retain that talent, the company easily relies on the family-oriented culture that exists.

Having an Experienced HR Professional in Your Organization

Not all organizations are fortunate enough to have a strategic leader and role model like Heather to take them through times of change and uncertainty.  She is the right mix of employee advocate and business advisor and routinely fosters transparency and trust at all levels of our organization.  It’s probably an understatement to say it’s not easy in our current climate these days to be an HR professional.  Heather constantly displays a sense of calm and confidence and has garnered respect for her ability to be fair, honest, flexible, and humorous.

We recently sat down with Heather and asked her a few questions about D4, our Culture and why HR is such an important part of every organization today.

1. So tell me, what makes D4 a great place to work?

First and foremost because of our people. We are proud of the talent and expertise they bring to the organization, and even more proud of their character. Their collaborative approach and support of one another shows daily.  Whenever I ask a D4 employee what they enjoy most about working here, their answer to me is because of the people they work with.

2. How would you explain our culture at D4?

There are a few critical components that make up the great culture we have at D4.  The first is that D4 has always been a very family-oriented company.  As mentioned above, our employees enjoy the people they work with and go above and beyond to support each other.  Recently we asked our employees to complete the following statement, “I love my job because…” One response was, “…I am surrounded by great people.  …Everyone here has positive, supportive family values that spills over into our work family.”

Second, our leaders focus on ensuring employees are part of the decision-making process and ultimate solutions.  We’re proud to see that employees have commented on improvement they have seen in this area over the course of the last year and the fact that they feel heard and that their opinion matters.

Third, D4 is part of a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.  Because of this, D4 is not unfamiliar with rapid change in order to stay a leader in the business.  This provides an opportunity for continued growth, the ability to learn and develop new skills and gain additional knowledge, all of which our employees have stated they value about our organization.

Last, we are focused on promoting an overall positive environment through recognition and by incorporating fun along the way.  D4 employees participate in a variety of activities such as health and wellness events and fundraisers, rooftop celebrations, and cross-company challenges which foster collaboration across our business units and individual teams.  Also important to mention is how vital our recognition program is to the company.  We recognize each other’s efforts and the positive contribution our employees make towards D4’s overall success.

3. Tell me why your tagline is not just about your products and services

4 years ago, D4 adopted the tagline “powered by people” to emphasize the creativity and customization that is put into each project by our employees. To continuously deliver high-quality results, employees have adopted the “do what it takes” motto that has become an integral part of our organization. Our employees are key to our success, you can’t have happy customers without happy employees.

Everyone at Special Counsel would like to congratulate Heather for this prestigious honor and thank her for her all her hard work and commitment to the organization. Congrats Heather!

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