Holiday Networking Etiquette Webinar

Etiquette matters, whether you’re in a business or a social context. It’s not necessarily what you do or say (or don’t do or say) that makes a lasting impression; it’s how you conduct yourself. Holiday parties are no exception. Do you know what actions and behavior can help you further the image you want to uphold as a legal professional at this year’s holiday business and social events?

Join Special Counsel on November 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm EST for a Holiday Party/Business Social Networking Etiquette webinar, designed to help you put your best foot forward this holiday season. Based on the teachings of America’s etiquette expert, this engaging webinar will help you navigate holiday parties and business social events with ease and confidence. The discussion will be led by Tori Keith, who is trained by the Emily Post Institute in Business Etiquette and an Attorney Search Director in the Austin, Texas office of Parker + Lynch Legal.

Holiday Etiquette Can Make – or Break – Careers

Whether the event you are attending is hosted by your employer, a client of your firm, an industry association or a prospective employer or client, the way you act matters.Knowing how to respond when you’re invited to attend an event, how to comport yourself during the event, and how to follow up afterwards can help you make a positive impression. That, in turn, may have career-boosting potential.

Be Prepared for Every Aspect of Holiday Parties

This webinar will arm you with the business and social etiquette skills you need to represent yourself – and your employer – well. Using real-world examples, you will learn key concepts and principles of etiquette. Topics covered will include:

  • Business social etiquette. Learn the difference between manners and etiquette for business-related social situations.
  • How to respond to an invitation. Your invitation response is your first chance to make a positive impression. Make the most of it.
  • How to approach new groups. Get tips for introducing yourself and building new relationships through networking at parties and events.
  • How to make small talk. Hear pointers on how to create comfortable conversations.
  • How to manage passed food. Learn about how to handle passed food, alcohol consumption and more.
  • How to follow up. Sending an appropriate thank-you to your host after the event can help solidify the professional image you are trying to convey.

Every interaction, from the initial invitation through your follow-up communication after the event, plays a part in how you are perceived by the host and other event attendees. Don’t leave your professional reputation to chance because you didn’t know the proper etiquette.

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