Good Luck Charms For Job Interviews

Good Luck Charms for Interviews

If you’re a frequent reader of our Special Counsel blog, I’m sure you’ve picked up some invaluable interview tips from past blog posts: such as questions to ask if you’re interviewing for an in-house position, salary range you should be targeting based on your new state’s tax regulations, and how to do your due diligence research prior to an interview.

But in addition to being as prepared as possible for that job interview, all of us could use some good luck charms for jobs to help “seal the deal”.  Given that May 23rd is “Lucky Penny Day,” I’ve revealed below some of your best bets to bring along with you to give you good juju on interview day:

Job Seekers’ Good Luck Charms

  • A professional tote bag/briefcase/attaché case.  Leave that backpack at home, and ladies, make sure you have room to store your flats, because a professional-looking work bag can really make you seem prepared, responsible, and on top of things.  Not only charming for looks, a portfolio stores your resume, cover letter, writing sample, and any other paper materials in a wrinkle-free manner, suitable to be placed on the desk of your interviewer.
  • A watch.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, your mobile device should be silenced and out of sight when you arrive to your interview.  But let’s not forget the importance of arriving on time!  Wearing a watch relieves you of relying on your cell phone to check the time, and gives you the air of being time-conscious.
  • Mints.  Many interviews take place in the morning hours, and often take place in small rooms or offices, which can lead to that unfortunate circumstance of… coffee breath.  The last thing you want to do is to leave your interviewer with an impression of the last thing you drank.   Instead, pop a few mints and let your accomplishments leave the impression!
  • A conversation starter. Make sure you read up on the day’s news, weather, sports, and current events prior to your interview.  You might be meeting with someone who likes to engage in some chit-chat prior to getting down to the business of your resume, so make sure you know about the day’s goings-on so you can make some small chat.
  • A story or example from each of your past positions.  Prior to your interview, think through your last few jobs and ask yourself, “What did I do in that role that really stands out?” or “What accomplishment did I achieve there that I’m most proud of?”  Then tell a specific story from your experience to illustrate a trait you bring to the table.  The more detailed, quantifiable, and memorable the story is, the more likely it will be to stick with your interviewer.

While the last two good luck charms for jobs are more of the intangible variety, each of these things will help you to be prepared and confident going in to that job interview.  And hey, it probably couldn’t hurt to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast (as long as you have your mints).


Chrissie Hendrickson is a Regional Search Director for Special Counsel. Each day, she trains and advises internal colleagues on direct-hire placement. Chrissie currently resides in Washington DC and is constantly brainstorming, strategizing and implementing new fresh ideas to connect top legal talent with our top clients. To learn more, contact Chrissie at

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