3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ghost Your Recruiter in the Legal Industry

More and more we are seeing a trend of candidates that ghost their recruiters during a job hunt. Ghosting essentially means cutting communication with no explanation. Someone might wonder why you might ghost your recruiter given the trend used to be the opposite. It isn’t uncommon to be in a situation where you apply for a job, interview and then never hear back from the company again.

After all, this was what we would all complain about for weeks, a collective annoyance job-seekers dealt with and frustrated us to no end.  As more jobs became available, less and less did us candidates look at this as such a burden, and in fact, candidates soon transitioned to the ones doing the ghosting, themselves. But why is it such a problem for you to ghost your recruiter?

Ghosting Recruiters in the Legal Industry

Legal industries, particularly, are seeing an issue with this ghosting fad. As the legal market continues to grow, we are watching as candidates fill new positions quicker and easier than ever before. Employment in the legal industry is currently marked at 1,095,770 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Take a look at the unemployment rate within the legal industry. Lawyers have an unemployment rate of 0.5% while paralegals and legal assistants are right behind them at 1.4%. It’s no surprise that candidates might not look at the one recruiter as their last hope in their job hunt. With so many opportunities, candidates are not valuing nor are they making an effort to establish lasting relationships with their recruiters.

The growing market coupled with job-seekers old perception of the recruiter/candidate relationship is a recipe for a communication nightmare. This is often why individuals end up in a position where they ghost their recruiter. It’s incredibly important to avoid because it’s hurting you professionally.

3 Reasons Why Not to Ghost Your Recruiter

1. Reputation

Would you hire someone who had a reputation of being afraid of confrontation, conflict and had poor communication skills? Yeah, me either. Professionals connect with one another from different offices, especially as the industry grows. When you accept another offer and it’s normal to have some discomfort to decline an offer. But ghosting your recruiter isn’t worth the damage to your professional reputation.

By vanishing and ending that communication with someone who has taken time to work with you shows an extreme lack of respect for the recruiter. Not to mention a perception of immaturity on your end. Sporting a new label of being inconsiderate of other’s time and juvenile is not the ideal way to step into your new position.

2. Limited Network

Yes, networking, the word we have grown to love. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, networking is the key to success. This token is particularly helpful for professionals emerging into a new role and possibly new industry. Establish a good relationship with your recruiter early on and maintain it through the interview process.

You will have just made an important connection with someone at another organization. You don’t need to accept the position that particular recruiter is hiring for. Take advantage of the opportunity to associate with someone in the field. Valuing and maintaining these connections is a way to ensure a long-term professional investment. It helps you expand your knowledge and stimulate your career growth. Being well known and well liked in your industry is huge as you enter into your new job.

3. Damages your Personal and Professional Persona

If nothing else, look at your interview process as practice. You are more than likely going to encounter uncomfortable situations in your professional future. When those situations arise, you don’t want to be stuck not knowing how you handle yourself.

Not to mention, this will help grow your confidence as a new hire. You no longer will be dodging calls and emails, nervous about them contacting you again. Make the mature decision to tell your recruiter that you are no longer interested. It will allow you to practice how to end a professional encounter and maintain mutual respect.

All in all, the way you handle yourself in your interview process is much more important than people tell you. This your introduction into the industry. It is a way to build professional and personal relationships with the people in your field.

If you accept a different position, don’t ghost your recruiter. As a rule of thumb, always remain polite and respectful, a simple email or phone call to say that you have moved onto another position will do much more for your professional growth and development than you would ever expect.

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