2016 Law School Rankings

U.S. News released the 2016 law school rankings

Every year, Special Counsel is proud to place top law school graduates in legal professions across the nation, both at law firms and in-house legal departments. Many of these top professionals graduate from the schools off of this list. This year, east coast schools dominated the top of the list, with Yale, Harvard and Stanford University coming in 1st and 2nd. The U.S. News list also includes average yearly tuition and enrollment at each university.

Here are the top 20 law schools, sorted by rank. To view the full list of the 145 top law schools across the nation, view the U.S. News report.

2016 Law School Rankings: Reported by U.S. News

As the demand for top legal talent becomes more competitive, both legal professionals and top employers will be keeping a close eye on graduates from these schools. With unemployment rates decreasing in the legal sector, candidates must differentiate themselves through soft skills and demonstrate a culture fit for future employers. However, education continues to reign as the top indicator of legal talent.

Special Counsel works with law graduates of these schools every day.

Whether you are a recent graduate, looking to start your legal career, or a future in-house or law firm employer, we are here to help you meet your full potential.

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