Legal Industry Roundup: 12/2-12/6

Legal Industry Roundup: 12/2-12/6

SCI-blog-friday-roundup-imageCommunication & Education: The Keys To Referrals

“How many new clients did you miss out on last year because you didn’t have a cost effective system in place to stay connected with prospects? How many referrals did you miss out on?” These were among the questions that legal marketing expert Stephen Fairley posed at the recent Defense Research Institute’s annual meeting. Fairley stressed the importance of educating clients about legal services, asking for their ratings and recommendations, and maintaining an ongoing program of client communications..

Source: Law Marketing Blog | Why You Are Not Getting More Referrals

Facing Legal Stress? Try A Therapy Dog.

’Tis the season for holiday vacations. But for many legal professionals there’s still a stressful period to get through before relaxing with family and friends. At Georgetown Law School, harried students facing final exams can find a moment of peace — in the form of therapy dogs, brought in from veterans organizations.

(Next time you find yourself “growling” at colleagues or friends, imagine what our veterans have been through — and consider following their lead on this productive way to deal with stress. Who knows? Maybe there are times when your organization would welcome a visit from a therapy dog — or a whole pack.)

Source: Georgetown Law| Pause for Paws: Therapy Dogs on Campus

Legal Websites — And The Ongoing Need For New Content

Once upon a time — when the internet was young — lawyers could get by with a “set-it-and-forget-it” website. In those bygone days, a website served mainly as an “online business card” or internet billboard. Today, however, engaging content — in a steady and consistent stream — is how legal professionals and firms are differentiating themselves and winning new clients. The 2013 Legal Marketing Technology/West conference (recently held in San Francisco) featured useful ideas on legal infographics, positioning legal services for emerging issues, and creating a “content culture” in law firms. You’ll find those topics, and others, discussed at the “AttorneyAtWork” blog.

Source: Attorney At Work | Pump Up Your Law Firm Website

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