What an Experienced Legal Recruiter Can Do For You

What an Experienced Legal Recruiter Can Do For You

Businessman Giving out CardIf you’ve ever asked yourself why to use a recruiter during your job search, read on. The benefits are many!

Successful search firms are filled with persons who are well connected to and have a good reputation within the legal community. It is that connection which you should look for when selecting a search firm. The firm should have been in business for at least five years and have a proven track record. Its recruiting staff must have experience and be knowledgeable about the local legal marketplace. The agency needs to work with most law firms and corporations nationwide.

“Inside Information” Regarding Positions
These days, legal employers seldom advertise for the best positions. Well- respected recruiters often are privy to non-public information and have the ability to position you for unadvertised positions and in many cases put you at a competitive advantage for the advertised ones (employers often call us before or in conjunction with placing an ad).

It’s no secret that who you know can make a difference in getting an interview. A good recruiter will personally know or have worked with most of the managing partners, recruiting directors, and general counsel in the city. Recommendation from a respected recruiter may be the difference in getting or not getting an interview.

“Inside Information” Regarding Employers

Before sending candidates to an employer, we do our homework about the employer and, where possible, the individuals conducting the interviews. We share this information with you as we conduct a meeting to help you prepare for your interviews.

Finding the right job can be an exhausting process. Unless you are not currently working and have lots of free time on your hands, you likely can’t engage in as comprehensive a job search as you wish. Special Counsel provides confidential, extra “publicity” without further taxing your limited time.

Bargaining Power
Before submitting a candidate to an employer, our recruiters spend considerable time with a candidate, working with him or her on how best to position him or herself during the interview. We know the importance of first impressions. At Special Counsel, we help you put your best foot forward.

At Special Counsel, there is a free lunch. We don’t charge candidates for our search services.

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